Past continuous without specifying when tyhe action happened

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Future tenses:

Present simple: infinitive + he/she/it

Present continuous: “to be” (am/is/are) + v + ing

Going to: “to be” + going to + infinitive

Will: will + infinitive

Future continuous: Will + be + v + ing

Future perfect simple: will + have+ past participle

Future in the past: was/were + gping to + infinitive

PS: For timetable/horarios   “his Train arrives at four”

PC: For arrangements/planes “Im meeting my sister at Four o clock”

GT: For personal plans or intentions “Im going to take A gap year

       For Predictions with evidence

Will: Decisions taken at the time of speaking  

        Predictions without evidence “I will be waiting for you at the end of The                          platform”

FC: For an action in progress in the future: “This Time tomorrow will be eating”

FPS: For something that has already happened by a Point in the future “Hurry up, otherwise they will have eaten all the food”

FIP: For things that hadn´t been predicted  “How I was to know that the restaurant was Going to be full”

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