Using past modals advice criticism regret

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used to +                              get used to +ing                  be used to+ing
+ I used to see            I am getting used to reading     I will be used to read
ºpast                            ºAll tense                                   ºAll verbal tense
ºroutines or habits
-I didnt use to...

who, whose, that, which, where, when,whom

Nevertheless, Therefore, Otherwise, Consequently, Besides, However, Moreover, Furthermore.

Ability -> can, could, be able to
Permission request -> can could may
Suggestion-> Shall
Obligation-> must, have to, need to
Prohibition-> mustn't, can't
Lack of obligation-> don't have to, needn't
Possibility-> may, might, could
Advice-> should, ought to, had better
Deduction (certainty)->must

Must(have+pp)->Past certainty
May,Might,Could(have+pp)->Past possibility
Could(have+pp)->Past alternative
Can't(have+pp)->Past impossibility
Shouldn't(have+pp)-> Regret or criticism about a past event
needn't have +pp ->algo hecho no necesario
needn't need to have+pp->algo no hecho porque no era necesario

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