Past perfec continuos

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reporter : present simple-past simple/ past simple-past perfect/prsent continuos past continuos / present perfect pst perfect / past perfect past perfect / i going to was goint to / will would must had to can could

passive presernt is taken / present continuos is being taken /present perfect has been taken past simple was taken past perfefect had been taken will will be taken is are going to take is going to be taken can must should take can must should be taken 
present have ---decorated present perfec have had ---decorated past had---decortatred will will have --- presernt conti are having is going is gointo to have must must have 
obligacion must to have to PROHICION  mustnt cant AUSENCIA DE OBLIGACION dont have to needent PROBABILIDAD must will may might could cant CAPACIDAD can to be able to PERMISO CAN COULD MAY ADVISE should ought to 

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