Past perfect

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Must ++ deber : eterno, leyes
Have to:obligacion dia a dia :no hay obligacion
Must(deber) y Cant(poder): cuando algo esta prohibido
Should (deberia):sugerencia
Could: (podria) cuando algo es posible
May :(puede)cuando algo es posible
Cant/Cannot :cuando es imposible
Will/Wont : algo que es seguro que va a pasar
Should:(ocurrira) retonadamente cierto

Pasado Perfecto: (modals)
  - modals + has /have + tercera columna

                        Active                                        Passive

present             build(s)                              is/are built (3)
continuous       is/are  building                 is /are being built (3)

be going to     is /are going to build         is/are going to be built
perfect            has/have built (3)                     has/have been built(3)
past simple       built                                      was/were built(3)
continuous       was /were building           was /were being built(3)
past perfect
simple              had built (3)                             had been built(3)

future simple     will build                              will be built(3)

future continuous   will be building             will be being built
future perfect
simple                       will have built(3)            will have been built (3)

modals                      should build                     should be built

                      DIRECT                                     REPORTED

+present simple :                                    + past simple:
`I go swiming every day ´                  Jane said that she went(3) swimming
said Jane                                              every day
+present continuous:                           + past continuous:
´They are planning their trip´            Anna said that they were planing their
Anna said                                             trip
+past simple:                                        + past perfect simple:
´I went to a festival in August´          Bea said that she had been to a
said Bea                                                festivals in August
+present perfect simple:                     + past perfect simple
`I ve been to lots os festivals´             Tom said that he had  been to lots of
said Tom                                               festivals
+will:                                                       + whould:
´I´ll help her throw away the                Joe announced that he would help her
rubbish ´ announced Joe                     throw away the rubbish
+can:                                                      + could :
´I can play the guitar´ declared         Katie declared that she  could play the
Katie                                                       guitar
+may:                                                   +might
´I may be home late´´                           Dan warned that he might be home
warned Dan                                            late.
+must/ have to:                                   +  had to:
´I must recycle more´, said Ruth       Ruth said that she had to recycle more

Direct:                                      Reported:
now  :  then
today  :  that day                
yesterday:   the previous day
the day before yesterday:  two days later
tomorrow:   the next day
the day after tomorrow:   two days later
next week :   the following week
last month:    the previous month
ten years ago:      ten year before

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