Past perfect

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person being interviwed: interviewee

to give up a post: to resign
a permission to be absent from duty:a leave
academic title, grade given by a university...:a degree
person who employs others: employer
person who interviews: inverviewer
to work some hours: part time
to ask for:to apply for a job
get money return:to earn
occuping all normal working hours:full time
document diploma obtained: a certificate
day for work: work day
something done successfully:an achievement
meeting between employers and applicants: interview
a persons past experiences: background
person employed for money:employee
person who wishes to tan an office position:candidate

Package tour: viatge Organitzat

Customs: aduana

Visa: visado

Coach:            autocar



Ship:barca gran



Cockpit: cabina del piloto

Steward / stewardess: auxiliar de vol

Aisle or window:pasillo o ventana

Miss a connection: perder una conexion de vuelo

0condicial-> present simple+present simple

1condicional->if present simple+ will

2condicional->if past simple+ would base forme

3condicional-> if past perfect (had) + would have

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