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Present simple: i dont want to go to bed,Gina said

Past simple: Gina said taht she didnt want to go to bed

Present Continous: She is visiting her father,Adam said

Past Continous: Adam said that se was visiting her father

Past simple:Tim arrived late,mum said

Past Perfect Simple: Mum said that Tim had arrived late

Present Perfect simple:The train has left the station,Alvaro said

Past Perfect simple: Alvaro said that the train had left the station

Future will: We will feed the dog, Alvaro said

Would: Alvaro said that they would feed the dog

Can: I can run fast,the teacher said

Could:The teacher said that she could run fast

Must: I must call her, the teacher said

Had to: Tom said that he had to call her

E.D / E.I


today,tonight/that day,that night

tomorrow/the next,the following day

yesterday/the previous day,the day before

last night/the   night

next week,year/the following week

a week ago/a week before




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