Past perfect

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Past simple

S+arrived/ didn't arrive

Did +S+arrive?

Past continuous

S+was/wasn't +talking


Was/ were +S+ talking?

Present perfect simple

S+have/haven't +left


Have/has +S+left?

Present perfect continuous


S+has /'nt+ been +working

Have +S+been +working

Has +S+been +working

Past perfect



    first conditional 

If +present simple l Will/won't+ infinitive

if +present simple           (you'll fell more relaxed)

Second conditinal

If+past simple    would/ wouldn't + infinitive

(if I was very hungry, Iwouldn't est blue food)

Rported speech

Direct speech      Reported speech

present simple        past simple

present continuous     past perfect

past simple                 past perfect simple

present perfect simple   past perfect simple

can                                  could

will                                     would

am  /is/are going         was/ were going to

Future continuos

S+ will/won't+ be + going

Will +S+be+ going?

Future perfect

S+will/ won't have +gone

will +S+have +gone

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