Past perfect

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retorcer wring wrang wrung| darcuerda wind wound wound | llorarmucho weep wept wept | pisar tread trod trodden | pensar think thought thought | darclase teach taught taught | hincharse swell swelled swollen | dar zancadas strid strode strodden | untar spit spat spat | hundir sink sank sunk | disparar shoot shot shot | coser sew sewed sewn | buscar seek sought sought | iluminar light lit lit | tumbarse lie lay lain | esconder hide hid hidden |  moler grind ground ground | prohibir forbid forbade forbidden | negociar deal dealt dealt

present simple past simple | present continuous past continuous | present perfect past simple past perfect -> past perfect | future simple will would | future (be going to) was were going to | can could | must had to | here there y cosa sasí

however, on the one hand on the other hand, first of all, in addition, in my opinion, finally, to sum up

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