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Unit 1:
Present perfect simple: + I’ve booked tickets... - Sue hasn’t got to the... ? Have You ever travelled on the AVE? No i haven’t
Present perfect simple/ past simple: The train has just left the station. The traint left the station two minutes ago.
Used to: + I used To catch a train from... – We didn’t use to travel... ? Did Jenny use to ...? No, she didn’t
Unit 2:
Who:qui, That:aquell, Which:quin, Where:donde, When:quan, Whose:de qui. Somewhere:algun Lloc, Nothing:res, Anyone: ningú
Unitat 3:
Past Perfect Simple: + She spoke to the Police after they had taken photos. – I hadn’t heard about... ? Had the burglar escaped...? Yes, he had
Unitat 4:
FirstC: If present simple + future(will). If The plan succeeds, everyone will have a robot.
SecondC: If past simple + conditional ( Would+v). If i won the lottery. I would buy a Jaguar
ThirdC: If past perfect(had+Ved) + perfect Conditional(would have + Ved). If i had Studied i would have passed the Exam
Unitat 5:
The passive: active-took passive-was taken.
Present simple pasive: + Stephen is taken on a ... – Cameras are not used... ? Are His drawing done from..?
Past simple pasive: + Stephen was examined... – His talent Wasn’t discovered... ? Was This building drawn...?
Future simple pasive: + Stephen’s drawing will be shown..- It won’t be shown ...  ? Will it be taken...

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