Past perfect

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Reported speech:
Present simple-past simple
Present continuous-past continuous
Past simple-past perfect
Present perfect-past perfect
Past perfect-past perfect
Be(present)going to- be(past)going yo
Must go-had to


Today-That day
Now-in this moment/then/in that moment
Yesterday-the previous day/the day before
Last...(week)- the (week) before
Tomorrow- the following day/the day after
Next...(week)- the following (week)/the(week) after

Can: Daniel can swim 10km.
The nurse is busy and can't help me.
Could: She could ride a bike when she was ten.
Could you please answer my question?
Should: You should go to the clinic.
He shouldn't jog alone.
Must: You must take these pills
Mustn't: You mustn't eat sugar.
Have to: You have to exercise regularly.
You don't have to buy a new phone.
Does she have to go to hospital?
May: May I close the window?
I may see Julie later.
You may not leave the room.
Might: Your allergy might go away.
He might not get the job.

I enjoy listening to the radio.
Sue can't stand writing e-mails.
Shopping online is vey convenient.
I'm interested in studying via Skype.

He agreed to phone me before he left.
Mark promised to take Sheila to the new restaurant.
It's hard to live without my computer.
She decided not to go London.

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