Past perfect

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activa a pasiva: present simple- is/are // present continuous - is/are + being// be going to - is/are + going to be // present perfect simple - has/have been // past simple - was/were //past continuous - was/were being // past perfect simple - had been // future simple - will be // future contunuo - will be being // future perfect - will have been 

 estilo directo a indirecto:  this - that/ these - those/ here - there/ know - then / today, tonight - that day, that night / last week, yesterday - the day before / tomorrow - the next day / next week - the week , ... After / ... Ago / ... Before.    mat- might / must, have to - had to 
vebos con to:  advise, allow, ask, beg, convince, command, encourage, expect, forbid, force, help, invite, need, order, prmit, persuade, request, teach, tell, want, wam
verbos sin to:  see, hear, listen, to, smell , watch, make y let. 
verbos con ing: admit, avoid, can't help, can't stand, consider, delay, deny, detest, dislike, don't mind, enjoy, feel like, finish, give up, imagine, mention, mind miss practise, reset, resist, suggest understand

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