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Extreme Adjectives:
Tiny-minusculo, Freezing-congelacio, huge-enorme, starving-famelic, boiling-hirviendo, Awful-horrible, unbelievable-increible, exhausted-agotado, terrifying-espantoso
Run out of battery-quedarse Sin bacteria, plug in-enchufar, touch screen-pantalla tactil.
Adjectives of opinion:
Amusing-divertido, Annoying-molesto, depressing-deprimente, shocking-chocante, hideous-horrible, upsetting-perturbador, Confusing, gorgeous-maravillos.
 Modal verbs: Must-debe, might-podria, may-ser Possible, could-podria.
Present: modal + v Past: Modal+have+past participle.
Not sure: positive- might, May,could. Negative: might not, may not.
Sure: positive-must, negative-can’t.
Relative pronouns: who-quien, Whose-cuyo, which-cual, where-donde.
Quantifiers: enough-suficiente, too-tambien.
A few+plural , fewer+plural, Less+adj
Present perfect simple: + I’ve booked tickets... - Sue hasn’t got to the... ? Have You ever travelled on the AVE? No i haven’t

Past Perfect Simple: + She spoke to the Police after they had taken photos. – I hadn’t heard about... ? Had the burglar escaped...? Yes, he had
1Cnd: Present simple(s+v)+will
2cnd: past simple(s+ved)+ would+v
3rd: past perfect(had+ved) + perfect Conditional(would have+ved)

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