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Present simple:“I work in the project”

Past simple:(that) she worked in the project.

Present continuous:“I’m preparing for the finals”

Past continuous:(that) he was Preparing for the finals

Past simple:“I bought a second-hand bike”

Past perfect simple:(that) he had bought a second-hand bike.

Past continuous:“I was studying all morning”

Past perfect continuous:(that) she Had been studying

Present perfect simple:“I have sold my old TV”

Past perfect simple:(that) she Had sold her old TV

Present perfect continuous: “We have been travelling a lot”

Past perfect continuous(that) they Had been travelling a lot

Past perfect: “I had seen the best past

Past perfect:(that) he had Seen the best past

Future: “I will tell you some news”

“would”: (that) he Would tell me some news

Modal verbs

-Can    Must / have To   May: “I can call You now”

Modal verbs

-Could       Had to     Might:  (that) he could call me then

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