Wish + past verb/could

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verb + that (deny,warn, admit, advise)

verb + someone + that (warn, advise)
verb + infinitive (agree, refuse, offer)
verb + ing (advise, admit, deby, apologize for)
verv + someone + infinitive (invite, warn, advise, encourage)

Gradable adj: kind,expensive,nice, helpful, profitable,risky,complex,high
Ungradable adj: imposible,wonderful, useless,terrible,fantastic,ridiculous

sensitive to(reaccion a algo)/about (se refiere a sentimientos), tolerant of, informed about (conocimiento general)/of (sobre algo especifico), familiar to (something is familiar to people) / with (people is familiar with something), respectful to(someone)/of (something), aware of

Caste: a social class into which someone is and which they cannot leave
Collectivist: belonging to a system in which things such as businesses and goods are owned by groups or by all the people rather than individual
Assertiveness: the quality of expressing opinions or desires strongly and with confidence, so that people take notice
to lialise: work closely with somebody and exchange information with them
to mentor: to advise and help somebody with less experience than yourself
cross section: a small group that includes examples of the different types of people
to lialise: to work closely with somebody and exchange information with them
business model: the way a business operates to take money
business plan: document containing financial estimates for a business

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