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Tipo1 (futuro) Presente simple + Futuro (will)

Tipo2 (presente) Pasado Simple + Condicional (would)

Tipo3 (pasado) Pasado perfecto (has+___pp) + condicional perfect (would have + pp)

Reported Speech

Presente Simple             Past simple

Im a nurse “she said”     She said tha she was a nurse

Presente continuo         Pasado Continuo            

Im not going “she said” She said tha she not was going

Past simple                       Past perfect

Tony did it “she said”     She said that tony had done it

Present perfect                               Past perfect

I havent do it “she said”  Had+pp

Past continuous              Past perfect continuous

I was laying “she said”   He said that he had been lying

Can-could/May-might/must-had to/now-there/here-then/come-go/

Today-That Day/tomorrow-the next day/yesterday-The day before/

Must-Can´t (seguro 100%)

May-might (50%)


Presente simple /Bakers make bread/ /bread is maked by bakers/

Presente continuo /someone is mending the roof/ /The Roof is being mended (pp)/

Past simlpe /A man painted the wall/ /The Wall was painted (pp)/

Past continuous /Someone was robbing the Bank/ /The bank was being robbed/

Present perfect /An animal has eaten all the Nuts/ /Al the nuts have been eaten by the animal/

Past perfect /sombody has cut the grass/ /The Grass had been cut/

Futuro (willl) /I will clean the Windows later/ /The Windows will be cleaned (pp) later/

Condicional (would) /Somebody would tell them/ /They Would be told by somebody/

They say Pedro is 99 years old

Pedro is said to be 99 years old

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