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1.Albert is  coming  back From hospital  tomorrow. He has just  broken His  Ankle.  (Relative Clauses)

- Albert, who Has just broken  his  ankle, is  Coming  back from hospital  tomorrow.

2.“How Much is  this  T-shirt?”, She asked. (ReportedSpeech)

- She asked How  much  That T-shirt was.

3.If you want my advice, don’t  eat so Many cakes! (Modals)

- You Shouldn’t   eat so many cakes.

4.I’m sorry I didn’t  work Hard enough last year. (Wish)

- I wish I had Worked hard enough  last year.

5.Although  he was exhausted, he managed to finish  reading  the Novel.  (Contrastconnector)

- Despite Being  exhausted, he managed to Finish  reading the  novel.

6.Gerard plays  tennis  twice A week.(Question)

- How often Does Gerard play  tennis?

7.That woman’s husband  is  my boss.  (RelativeClauses)

- That is  the woman whose husband  is  my Boss.

8.They have found  the  stolen money.(Passive)

- The Stolen  money has been found.

9.She  divorced  him  because he was so terrible  to her.(Conditionals)

- If he  hadn’t been So terrible  To her, she wouldn’t  have divorced Him.

10.“I have read this  book”,  she Said.  (ReportedSpeech)

- She Said  that she had read that book.

11.I am sure she knows you  are here.(Modals)

- She must know  you arehere.

12.I felt really  tired So I stayed at home.  (Causalconnector)

- I stayed at Home  because I felt really tired.

13.People Consider that he is  an expert on  cricket.(Passive)

- He is  considered to be an expert on cricket.

14.Please don’t shoot.  (Gerund / Infinitive)

- He begged us Not  to shoot.

15.Learning  English  is  not easy. (Gerund / Infinitive)

- It is  not easy to learn English.

16.We didn’t  visit  the museum  because We hadn’t time. (Conditionals)

- If we had Had time,  we would  have visited  The museum.

17.I’m sorry we accepted the invitation.  (Wish)

- I wish we Hadn’t accepted the  invitation.

18.Although  she was poor,  she was happy.  (Contrastconnector)

- In spite  of being  Poor, she was happy.

19.They didn’t  pay for the Ring.  (Relative Clauses)

- This is  the ring  Which they didn’t  pay for.

20.Although  the  weather Was awful, They had a great time.  (Contrastconnector)

- In Spite  of the awful weather, they had a Great time.

21.They have given  us a Roald  Dahl novel. (Passive)

- We have been given  a Roald Dahl novel.

22.She  hasn’t phoned  her Mother  For two months.(Verbaltenses)

- It’s two Months  since she last phoned  her mother.

23.They don’t allow  smoking  In  this  room. (Modals)

- You Mustn’t  smoke  in  This room.

24.I’m sorry I didn’t  go shopping  with  you.(Wish)

- I wish I had Gone shopping  with  you.

25.London  will  fascinate You.(Passive)

- You Will  be fascinated by London.

26.I saw a man later. He was the President of the European Community.   (Relative  clauses)

- The Man,  who(m) I saw later, was the President  of the European  Community.

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