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Louis XVI ran out of money and his adviser suggested collecting more taxes but from all the estates. The nobles did not accept it.

There was a big food crisis. The price of bread increased a lot.

As a consequence Louis XVI decided to call a Estate General with all estates (but still 1 estate 1 bote).


-JUNE 1789

  • The Third Estate decide to get apart and there was a revolutionary assembly formed by the representative of the Third Estate in the tennis court. They formed the National Assembly. They asked it for a new constitution.

-JULY 1789

 the Third Estate were so unhappy with the clergy and nobility

 the Third Estate decide to burn the Bastille

 it was the beginning of the revolution

-AUGOST 1789

 Declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen was writing. The Ancien Regime disappeared.


The women organized a march on Versailles angry with the high prices of the bread


Louis XVI was forced to sign the Constitution. The constitutional monarchy was created. The King was arrested in the palace because they try to escape from Paris.


Characterized by the fall of the monarchy.

The establishment of the National Convention and the reign of terror by Jacobins they were a radical group that ruled France. 

Louis XVI was guillotined on January 21st 1793.

-1795-1799 Anew government called directory. It was quite a weak one.


The Wars of convention: different wars in Europe (absolutist/liberalist/nationalists).

.Napoleon got the power by a coup d’état and the Directory fell down.

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