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RUNNING FOR A NEW HEART.A heart for Alexia group in holding a 20 km race spansored on 21 june!The idea is to raise as much money as possible.All money raised will found Alexia's trip to USA.She needs a new heart.\where will it be held?\the race will be held in Tudela.It starts in the moorning and we'll run non-stop until 7pm.And if you can't run,don't worry!You can also donate money,buy T-sherts and bags.\who can take part and how much does it cost?\Enybody is invited to came with family and friends.But it's very important to be fit.Every participant will pay 3€ forkm.You can as many km as you want.The money will be used to pay Alexia's surgery,\check out our website!\If you have any doubts how to participate,visit our website:...After the race,we'll upload photos and videos of the event.

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