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Miscellaneous Data Factory remaining tasks- TODO

a.Need to sync between align or assgn schema and dbo for Patients, MedicareInfo, Assignment, PatientAssignment, and Patient Alias.  For dbo.MedicareInfo, you can Start over and just import from align or assgn schema.

i.Need to fix MLA

b.Need to handle mapping for ETL from DF to 4x Differently, i.E. Need to handle multi hicn support. (i.E. When matching a patient, get the patient id by comparing HICN from DF to Patient_MedicareInfo)

i.Build Patient_MedicareInfo on 5.X or 4.X

ii.On mapping of 4x ETL, …

c.Need to redeploy ETL code for 4x for GLPA and PCA_ng

i.It looks like the debug version was deployed.Need to always deploy RELEASE version.Ere!

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