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A1)The elemments of speaking producction
Connected speech:
effective english speakers need to be able to produce individual phonemes of english.
Expresive devices: it means the tone of the voice and volume and speed.
Lexis and grammar: is the use of a number of common lexical
Negotiation: effectve speaking benefits from the begotiatory language we use to seek clarification on what we are saying.

A2) mental social processing: how fast we procees.
Language procesing: effective speakers need to be able to procees language in own heads and put it in coheren order.
Interacting with others: intecact with other persong interpreting the information of the other
On the spot infotmation processing: interpreting in the moment

B) clasroom speaking activities

B1) acting from a script. B2)comunication games
B3) discussion: B4) prepared talks:
B5) questionaries: B6) simulation

role play: Reality of function - enviromet simulation - structure

B7) roles of the teacher:
Prompter - participant - feedback provider
C) speaking lesson sequences
comunication and game
controlled language prcessing
any level: elementary

A) writing convetions
A1) handwriting
A2) spelling:
how we hear and then we write, spelling sounds.
A3) layout and puctiation

B) approaces to study writing: means the result in what we are going to focus

B1) process and product:
when concentrating on the product we focus in the aim of the task
When concantrating in the process we focus in writing, spelling, punctuation

B2) writing and genre:

B3) creative writing: suggest imaginative task such as writing poetry stories
B4) writing as a cooperative activity:
group wrting activity
B5) using the computer:
B6) roles of the teacher:
mot ivator - resouser - feedback provider

A) extensive and intensive listening.
Extensive reading materials:
they must read material that they can undestand, reading for pleasure. There are some adapted books for some readers.

The role of the teacher in extensive:
reading programmes: encourage, promote them to read, persuade, how many books they are going to read

The role of the teacher in intesive reading:
Organizer - observer - feedback organizer - promter

A3) intesive reading: the vocabulary question
Clearly we need to find some accommodation between our desire to have students develop particular reading skills (such as the ability to understand the general message without understanding every detail
The time
Tiem limi t - word pherase limit - meaning consensus

A) Extensive and intensive listeningç
Al) Extensive listening:
They can also listen to tapes of authentic material, provided that it is comprehensible.

A2 Intensive listening:
using taped material
Advantages: :
taped material allows students to hear a variety of different voices apart from just their own teacher's. portable

Disadvantages :
in big classrooms with poor acoustics, It is often difficult to ensure that all students in a room can hear equally well. How many times? How long?

A3 Intensive listening:
'live' listening
Reading aloud - story telling - interviews - conversation

A4 intensive listening roles of the teacher.
Organizer - machine operator - feedback organize - promter
Teaching pronunciation:
A1) precfection vs intelligibilty
A2) problems:
What the sudent can hear - intonation problem -
A3) the phonemic alphabet

A4) when to teach pronunciation
Whole class - discrete slots - integrated phases - opportunistic teaching

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