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E l theater until 1970
at the beginning of the twentieth century produced a truly revolutionary theatrical
realistic theater: it is a commercial theater Q ered a taste for realism of earlier times looking for the natural / author konstantin stanilavski
political theater breaks with the realistic and naturalistic theater and society is proposed to amend
* Erwin Piscator (1893-1966) German director takes Q caye wing theater and take it out of the best-known works avitual the adventures of the brave soldier Schwejk
* Berlolt brecht: (1898-1956) German dramatist. In their works true purpose moralizing Q ay the viewer must work to tell Mother Courage and her children
Psychological drama: it focuses onthe natural and away from all bombast.
Author Henrik Ibsen play dollhouse
Theater of the absurd reflects abusurdo of human existence and character fills his texts are inconsistent q k ilogikas authors resolve situations:
* Luigi pirandelo: (1909 -1994) Italian author in his works the characters are the conflict between instinct and reason are: six characters in search of the author
* Eugene lanesco: Romanian playwright q about the difficulties people have to communicate / is characterized by humor nonsense language i work: Bald Soprano
* Samuel Beckett: (1906-1989) Irish author sees literature as a way out to the negative and absurdity of life work: waiting for godot
The theater until 1970
the evolution of theater in Spain in the twentieth century is marked x civil war
* Comedy bourgeois representative: Jacinto Benavente shows a critique of bourgeois society in works like the alien nest
* Theatre of humor: Enriq Jardiel ponzela eloisa work is beneath an almond / mixing magic, the humor and intrigue
* Miguel Mihura: work three hats / tries to show the rational by the irrational
· · Pedro Muñoz Seca: work: the revenge of Don Q witch shows a direct humor evasion

Avant-garde Theatre: Ramon Gomez de la Serna European theater incorporates innovations beings media work
* Federico García Lorca: shows the enfrentaminto between authority and freedom in their works live poetry and didactic reality there are 3 stages:
Theater-modernist work, the curse of the butterfly: they reflect his conception of theater as a total show the gestures relate the music and text on stage
· · Farces: works: the shoe shows passions and instincts of human beings and society we live in the Q
· Drama: they are the most outstanding works of blood Q weddings revolve around the forbidden love

theater existential commit to an immediate reality or seeks to convey the truth with objective to disturb and remove vo consciences
* Antonio Buero Vallejo: in his works muestranla existential angst of his characters have a physical defects Q psychic and social issues in Spain
* Alfonso Sastre: the theater has a social function and political art: gag
commercial theater: the emergence of a commercial theater seeks to entertain an audience Q Author: antonio gala work: a lady rings
esperimental theater: the special effects become important movements and makeup director Q is free even to modify the text. Author: Alan Ayckbourn play the coronation.

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