Payment with subrogation

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otorga credito
dear mr....
it is our pleasure to welcome you as a credit costumer, for you request for credit has been approved
on the first of each month, we will prepare a statemente of the previous month's purchases. Your payment is due in full on the tenth. With each statement you will also receive a supply of order forms and return envelopes
we are delighted that can be a part of your store's beginnings and look forward to serving you for many years come
sincerely yours,

rechaza credito
dear ....
thank you for your recent application for a charge account.However, we believe it would not be in your best interest to grant you credit al this time
an impartial credit investigation indicates that your present financial obligations are substantial, we fear that adding to those obligations could jeopardize your sound credit standing in the community

feel free to apply again for a charge account
we shall be delighted to reconsider.
cordially yours

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