Peace and silence

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Refugees are pople who were forced to leave their home country and they have to live in camps made for all of them. They are desperate and hopeless, they have lost everything they had because of the war and their only wish is to reach Europe ar amother country in peace and earm and create a new life ther.

A reguee´s life is very hard. The camps and the countries help ins´t always enough so their health conditions is collocation damaged and deteriorated. Many of the refugees who try to go to Europe by crossing some fence or hiding in a truck and sneakingthrough the border of the country can be serioouly injured. Evenwhen they manage to get to Europe, they don´t have any paper or document that allones them to linve ther and that´s another big problem. They are also judged by people, some otheare acused of being terrorist if they are mudins. 

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