Peace and silence

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kgdm of Ast: ws founded in the Cantabrian zone-kgdm of leon. Hispanic march ws created,between was the kgdm of Pamplona.

Periods of peace, war and sackings.

cantabrian zone: 939-battle of somancas,ramiro II defeated abderraman III army. Country of Castilla to defend tslf.1065-became the kgdm ofCastilla.

kingdom of pamplona:824 AD the kingdom of Pamplona was formed.11th reached its maximun size under sacho III.

pyrenean zone: Char. Failed in his attempt,Barcelona,most important Catalan country.Count Borrel II asked the Frankish king to help him defend his country.Aragon became the+imp. Country in the centrals Pyrenees . 9th broke away from the Frankish kingdom.1035 Ramiro I became indep. Monarch of the kgdm of Aragón.

rep:kng offered privileges through municipal chapters and fueros.(upper nob.,lower nob.,free psnts)

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