Peace and silence

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1 After he won the silver medal i n the 100 metres, he Went on to take gold in the 200 metres and long jump.

2 Don't look now, but the woman who is sitting next to You is wearing shoes which are made of crocodile skin.

3 If it is drunk in moderation, red wine is thought to Protect against coronary disease.

4 Mr Brown, who was wrapped in a blanket and looked tired After his ordeal, was full of praise for the reseue sewices.

5 When he reached for the sugar, he knocked over his glass And spilt wine over her new dress.

6 Because he had never been abroad before, Brian was feeling A little on edge


1 Living within walking distance o f the centre, I Rarely use the car.

2 Cycling i n to work the other day, I saw a deer.

3 Having never had so much peace and quiet before, we found living here a little strange at first.

4 Situated at the back of the building, our bedroom has Some superb views over the rooftops towards the docks.

5 Played a t full volume, it rcally annoys the Neighbours.  

6 Being a little off the beaten traek, our house is Not that easy to find.

7 The children having all left home, we decided to Move away from the hustle and bustle.

8 Although not known for its tourist altraetions, our neighbourhood Does have one or two treasures waiting to be discovered.

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