Peace and silence

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For centuries there was no conflict. In the 19 c the lando of palestine Was inhabitad by multicultural population,these groups had lived in Harmony 80% muslim, 15% christians 5% jewish. But then in the late 1800 a group of european jews decided to colonize this land. Knows as zionist They wanted to create a jewish homeland, and at first considered Locations in africa and south america, before finally setting on Palestine for their colony. At first this imagination created no Problems. However as more zionist inmigrated to palestine the indigenous Population became increasingly alarmed. Eventually there was a fighting Between the two groups, with escalating waves of violence.

in 1947 the united nations decided to intervene. Under considerable Pressure from high-placed american zionists, the un decided to give away 55% of palestine to a jewish state-despite the fact that this group Represented only about 30% of the total population, and owned under 7% Of land. 1948: jewish leadership accepted the partition plan bur arab Leaders rejected it and the arab countires declared war on the newly Formed state of israel beginning the 1948, the arab israeli war. After The war israel had conquered 78% of palestine- three quarters of a Mmlions palestines were refugees. 1967: israel conquered stil more land. Israel occupied the aditiona 22% of palestine: the west bank and the Gaza strip.1973:israel also occupied parts of egypt  and the golan Heights in syria.

at present, israel has continued confiscation Of palestinian land in west bank and gaza is being. It is these occupied Territories that, according to the oslo peace accords of 1993, were Going to become of palestinian state. However, when israel continued to Take land in these areas and to move its citizens onto it, the Palestinian popul rebelled. The uprising called the intifada began at The end of sept 2000 an continue today.

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