Peace and silence

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russias problems were not solved by the abdication of the Tsar. The Dumas Provisional Comitee took over government. It faced three problems: to continue war or make peace, to distribute land to peasants or ask them to wait untill elections, and the food. The provisional government was dominated by middle class liberals, it included lawyers and angry revolutoinaries. It promised Russias allies that they would continue with war and at the same time try to settle the situation in Russia. The idea was to allow free electoins so that Russia would fairily be represented by the citizens democratically.However the provisional government was not the only possible government. The Petrograd Soviet held the real power in St. Petersburg, it had support of the workers and could controll what went on the city.They decided to work with the Provisional Government in the spring and summer of 1917. Lenin wanted to push the rev further, and returned to Russia from exile in Europe

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