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Democracy =  Demos+krator/The Power of the people.

Monarchy = Monos+archos/One leader.

Monarchy = Monos+archos/One leader.

Is a form of:Monarchy

The power:Monarchy

The head: Republic

There is no:Republic

Economic sectores:

1ºRaw materials: Fisherman-farmer-miner-ranger-cattle breeder.

2ºConstructors and manufacturing:Paiter-engineer-carpenter-blac Ksmitt-tailor

3ºServicies:Cook-actor-musician-tv presenter- nurse.

Horizontal/vertical(stipes) the backgrand(to the left to the right in the Middle) At the top in the middle at the bottom.

Eu started(1993)

The European Union is A political- economical union.

It started in 1957/1993 Started to combat the problems after ww2( The second world two)It started Because of economical reasons.

28 countries belong To the EU and more countries are interested in joining.

Because they think They will benefit from freedom, peace and economic growth.

It has 12 gold stars In a circle on a dark blue background.

“Ode to joy” is the Music used for the EU anthem Ludwig van Beethoven wrote it.

Europe Day is Celebrated on the 9th May.

“United in diversity” Is the motto of EU.

Spain Repu(no)

Ukg monarchy(si)


In a democracy(no)
France dosent(si)
In a democracgy(si)


They can all enter the Eurovision Song Contest

They have different festivals

Many football selection in Europe take part in Eurocup

They take part in different competitions.

The majority of countries drive on the right

But in some other languages they write on left.

They celebrate christmas

They have different traditions

Speed limits on motorways

They have different limits

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