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the persecution of the jews. The jews quarters ,were attached and this was accompaniniend by sackins and and killings .This violence againts  jews is called a pogromand was predominant is central eastern 

the persecutions of coverts these were jews who had converte to christianity .They were acussed of being false converts who continue to practise their old religion in secret 

peasant revolts the imimpoverished peasants rebelled against the abuses of the feudal lords. Includes increasings taxes to cope with the agricultural crisis prohibiting the peasants from leaving the fiefdom
Urban revolts impovereished urban grups rose up against the leaders of the cities monopolised political power and held most of the wealth 

an agricutural crisis bad harvests were caused by unfavourable climatic 
actions decreased in agriculture production led to malnutrition and hunger 
epidemics various of bubonic plague BLACK DEATH a contagious desease killed nealy the third of the europeans population 
Wars nobility tried to compesate for the losses by fighting againts other nobles to seize their lands and riches 
Tax increases theses worsened the economic situation of the peasants and tthe petite bourgeoisie 
Naturalistic style -portraits of important figures from nobility and the wealthy bourgeoisie -landscapes which began to substitute the plain backgrounds used previously -objects from detail life depicted in great detail. Were done using tempera techinique consisted mixing coloured oiigmets with eggs OIL techique mixed colours with oil were done in wooden panels
GOTHIC more naturalistic style .Scultures were no longer rigid they created the sesation they were looking al each ,faces were realistic and expressive ,clouthing and objects extremely detailed Gothic SCULTURES high reliefs were used  they stood out from the wall -important scult. Were attached to the facades and portals -altarpieces structures continin stone Freestanding sculp.Is not attached to the sculture of a building depicted themes Madonna 

DEf- petite bourgeoise -small scale traders anf craftsmen economic situation was modest -fueros a set of laws through which the monarch granted specific rights and privileges to the inhabitans of a particular area - hanseatic leangue was a commercial and defensive confederation of merchant -fair-treating people equally without favouritism or discrimination-bourgeoise-the middle class, typically with reference to its perceived materialistic values

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