"old people should live in residential homes" discuss?

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MAR,SINGLE:I.Nowadays people prefer not to get married and this makes uswonder if it is better to be single or married, in this essay we are going to talk about the good and bad aspects of living. D: ontheonehand, those who think being married is a perfect claim that it is easier to salve mine problems when you share them with your gilr or boyfriend.In addiction, you always have someone who takes care of you. For example    ontheotherhand,being single has also its positive,like you learn to survive on your own.Besides,nobody controls you and you can do whatever you wish with your money and time.For example. To sum up, from my own point of view, i think that being married is better than being single because...

TOWN VS COUNTRY :some people think that living in the country is better than living in the city however,some others preffer staying in a city. In this essay, we wil discuss the oints in favour and against this issue.D ontheonehand,those who are in favour of the countryside state that there is less pollution and therefore the air smells better. In addiction, people who live in the country claim that neoighbours are genarally friendlier. For example, if you had a problem, they will always help you ontheotherhand, you have public transport in the city which will be more comfortable to go to places. Moreover, you can enjoy from a wide range of activities . So, it is considered that people who live in the city have more free time activitiesC. To sum up, in my opinion I prefer living in the city that in the country because it is easier to get public services and to go shopping.

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