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sleep  less
In present society ,sleeping is getting less and less important. On the one hand people use more hours to work or study but on the other hand other people use them to have social life or they entertain themselves with modern technology.

First of all , some years ago people didn´t pay attention to watches but now everything is controlled. Nowadays people have to work a lot of hours, they have to know a lot of things about the modern world. In addition in “bachillerato” the students have to get the best marks so they spend hours and hours during the night studying and and drinking drinks with caffeine. Nevertheless, other people don´t work so hard but they waste their time playing with computer games , play station or discovering the new technology . As a result, they reduce their sleeping time. 

In conclusion, modern life is getting worse because there are more problems to be solved, more things to do and more substances to avoid being sleepy. For this reason people don´t give importance to sleeping and this can cause some healthy problems.

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