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read: alphabet recognition, phonemic awareness

uppercase- capital letters

lowercase- small letters manuscript fonts, colours, sizes period.

Dash- colon : curly brackets hyphen- apostrophe´ semi-colon ; quotes “” asterisk *

@ at symbol # number symbol, <> angle bracket & ampersand % percent sign _ underscore / slash \ backslash = equal sign

once upon a time- and they lived happily forever and a day

goals early reading: reading fluency, comprenhension, for pleasure

alphabetic principle

cueing system: graphophonic cue system (sound- spelling relation) syntactic cue s( naming word, action w, describing, funtion) the semantic cue s (sense)

pre-reading: 6, recognising a few letters, wordsm environmental print signs

initial reading or decoding: 1 year, they understand alphabet principle and beging to use sound-spelling to decode words

confirmation, fluency and separation: 1 o 2 year, strategies to decode and make meaning , fluency and skilled at sounding out. They use context clues

learning the new: 3 o 6 obtain information and learn about values, attitudes and insights of others. Reading strategies- inferring: read between lines. Predicting. Comparing how 2 things are alike. Contrasting 2 things different. Sequencing. Summarising retells most imp

mmultiple wiewpoints: cause and effect. Drawing conclusion

construction and reconstruction: find information. Skimming look quickly. Scanning especific information

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