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Present simple, habits rutines diàries, horaris i programes(always usually, never, every day, once a week   Present contin: am is are `+ ing (now, at the moment these days tomorrow...  Past simple: accio acabada en passat... (yestarday, last night...) Past conti: was/were + ing (while, as, when)  Future simple (will) i think, tomorrox, in the future...  Going to( tomorrow, next week, in a minute, tonight)  Present perf simple: have/has + participi (for since ever already yet just never)  Present perfect cont: have/has + been +ing (for since)   Past perf simple: had + participi (after, as soon as, before, by the time)  Future perf  will+have+participi (sempre by, by this time, by then, by the end of) Futur cont:  will+be+ing     (at) this time next week...

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