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PRES.S always, usually, generally, often, frequently, sometimes, seldom, never.

PRES.C now, right now, at the moment, today, this year, these days, tonight, tomorrow.Estoy comiendo
PAST.S yesterday, last week, two days ago, in 2004, when, them comí.    PAST.C last night, at 3.00h, when, whilw, as. Estaba comiendo.
PRE PERF S.Never, ever,yet,alrready, just for, since. He comido 
PRE PERF C. For a month, since, all night.He estado comiendo. 
PAST PERF S alrready by the time before untl never just when as soon as ha comido 
PAST PERF C for hours since all night when until habia estado comiendo

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