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Group&Team:a G is a collection of 2or more,members share common goals,stable structure,members perceive themselves as being a group.In organizations there are 2:formal:which include command groups&task,informal:include interest&friendship.

Failure:even though there´re cases of team success,another fail. This is often because team members don't cooperate with each other, and the manager don't give support.Some managers are not willing to take all the control,and some teams fail while coordinating their efforts effectively with other teams.To be successful is possible, with effort and: providing training in team skills,compensate team performance,provide managerial support,promote employee support,promote cooperation between teams,select team members basing on skills or potential skills.
Teams are not always responsible for making individuals&organizations more productive.
5stageModel:1)Forming:members get to know each other and seek to establish basic rules. 2)Storming:group leader. 3)Norming:work together,developing group relations,shared responsibility. 4)Performing: work toward getting their jobs done. 5)Adjourning:group disband,task accomplished.

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