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Why was there a revolution in february 1917?

Russias performance in war; Suffered massive defeats, 1.7 million casualties, were seen incapable of organising anf fighting a modern war. Rasputin´s bad infuelnce, Impact of the war at home: Rapid inflation, shortages of food and fuel in cities. Nicholas´s refusal to make concessions,;The Bolshevisk: They led the working class into the revolution. The soldiers and the peasants; Which took over nobles land for their own use. 

Why was there a revolution in october 1917?

The bolsheviks were given a strong boost by a number of factors; Provisional govt: Following the fall of the Tsar, Russia needed a government to run things until proper elections could be held.the Provisional Government took major decisions, such as remaining in World War I and postponing land reforms, which greatly affected the Russian people. This made the Provisional Government increasingly unpopular and allowed Lenin to attack it for these reasons, and for the fact that it had never been elected to power.Economic crisis, ww1: Prices went on rising, food was in short supply and the peasants' desire for control of more land was not met.persisted in trying to continue with the military campaigns. A final, unsuccessful offensive against the Germans was attempted in June 1917 with the remaining loyal troops. The june offensive: Massive defeat against Germany. Bolsheviks: Their popularity increased as a direct result of their actions in defeating Kornilov and saving Petrograd from his troops. By September, the Bolsheviks had gained control of the Petrograd Soviet.

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