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Can Could be able to--- Ability—Posibility—Request(solicitar Pedir)—Negative deduction

Must Have to  need To---Obligation—Prohibition—Absence of obligation(need to) – Positive deduction  

May Might be allowed to--- Possibility—Permission—Request

Should Ought to--- Advice(Consejo)

Modal+have+participe ---------------modal in past

Present simple---delivers--- are/is delivered

Past simple---- delivered---were/was delivered

Future simple---will deliver----will be delivered

Present continious—is/are  delivering---is/are being delivered

Past continious—was/were delivering---was/were being delivered

Going to--- is/are going to deliver----is /are going to be delivered

Present perfect—has/have delivered—has/have been delivered

Past perfect--- had delivered---had been delivered

Infinitive---has/have to deliver---has/have to be delivered

Modals--- must deliver---must be delivered

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