To take from a person or place

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bullet:(bala) you fire this from a gun/ clean: no dirty/crazy:no knowing what you are doing/drunk: with too much alcohol inside you. / duke: a man who is the head of a very important family/ gang: a group of people who somentimes do bad things together/judge: someone who decides if a person is a criminal or not/ king: the most important man in a country

/lie: something you say the is no true/majesty: you call a king ``you majesty´´ when you speak you him/ owner: the person something or someone belongs to./pop: an american word for father/ rob: to steal/ robber: someone who steals/ slave: a person who belongs to someone and has to woek, but gets no money/ widow: a woman whose husband is dead/hut: small house made of wood./ raft: platform made of wood used to transport things by sea

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