Phantom of the Opera

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the story started one summer evening in 1880. Place were the coast of brittany, in the beach. Two people were sitting the beach, near the old church.They were a old men and her young daughter.Her name was christine.
they were singing and playing the violin.
Two brothers who were walking, listened her beautiful voice.Then they decided to contract her for the house of the opera
the opera hose in paris look like a huge building.
one evening in 1890, the manager of the opera house had a party. The party was in a very large room.
The people who is employed at the opera and Those who touch in the orchestra they went to the party
the people were talking about ghost.The man was wearing a blakc cloak and he wore a white mask.
madam richard was talking about him.Afther that madame richard say : im dont seller any ticket for box number 5,because the phantom was seller this ticket
the phantom was a rich men, because he wears fine clothes.Before,thew persian ask to the young girl if it she did´t see carlota. She didnt see carlotta

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