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The new Megaphone10+.
They are available in 5 colours: in black, in White, in grey, inblue and in red and all of them look really cool!
The covers of these mobiles are made of metal, we don't use plastic so it's better for the environment. 
They come with headphones and a charger.
You can use this ultimate generation mobile pone to make profesional photos or listen music with they speakers of good quality too. It also have 200GB of memory that you can use to sabe a lot of documents, games, archives or photos.
They include a lot of useful applications for example a compass, a clock, maps, a calculator, mail or an app that you can use to write reminders. There is a very good relationship quality Price because this pone only costs 300 euros and it has a magnificent quality. And that's all, thanks for your attention.

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