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-A consonant sound is one that occurs with an obstruction or constriction of the air expired at some point in the throat or mouth. They are classified as: sound, place and mode of articulation joint. A vowel sound is one that occurs without obstruction or constriction of the expired air (a, e, i, o, u).

-A sound is played when ties in with the vocal cords vibrate. A dull sound when there is no vibration of the vocal cords.

- Place of articulation: organs used to produce a sound: lip Labiodental, dental, alveolar, palatal and velar.

- Mode of articulation: how goes the air: stops, fricatives, affricates, aproximants, ròtiques and sides.

- Phenomena conatcte: Hiatus (river), rising diphthong (iodine - I), decreasing diphthong (gold - [u] / [w]), jaw (think - and / j, u / w) and assimilation (ca p turn )

- Vowel system: Eastern Catalan

-Unstressed: tonic:

p: stop, bilabial, voiceless n: nasal alveolar t: Affricate, palatal, fricative

b: stop, bilabial, sonora: nasal, palatal d: Affricate, palatal, fricative

?: approaching, bilabial: nasal velar j: gradual palatal

t: occlusive dental fricative f: voiceless, Labiodental, fricative w: gradual velar

d: occlusive dental fricative v: voiceless, Labiodental, music: beating

: approximant, dental s: voiceless, alveolar fricative r: vibrant

k: stop, velar, fricative z: voiceless, alveolar fricative l: lateral alveolar

g: stop, velar, sonora: fricative, palatal, fricative: lateral palatal

: approximant, velar: fricative, palatal, fricative

m: nasal bilabial ts: Affricate, alveolar fricative

: nasal Labiodental dz: Affricate, alveolar fricative

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