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1)dependant preposition verb+ prep: instisted on, consist of, concentrate on, took revente on, citicized for, translate in to, specializes in, apologize for, blamed for, accused of, borrw from, lend to, succeeded in, aimend at, named after, rely on, devide into, complain to about//// noun+prep: solution to, reason for, difficulty in, need for, increase in, intention of, investigation into, protest about , resèct for, point in, hope of, report pn, lack of, reputation for, attiude to

verb+ prep: offer him the job: ake him on/ hes doung far=taking on, started work here=took up this/ be the new director= take over as a director/ handle= deal with/ did= carried out

what are the missing words(prepo) 1do yo admire..For? 2hat do you worry about? 3what talets..Of 4 superstitiosu about 5you good at 6afraid of 7 most proud of 8keen on 9 interested in10grateful to? Gateful for¿ 11fluent in 12annoyed about 13rely on 14deam about 15similar to 16 famous for 17 related to 18 who so you dream of 19 complain abot, to 20 opinion about

confusig words minutes of de board. The president.. 1attend 2currently 3trip 4miss 5check 6agenda. The first... 7raise8said reminded wnarned still blamed dissappointing hard policy accepted economic lay off adjourded... At he end.. Retire surprising interested family interfere oportunity. 4

make do get= make( a comment, a decision, a mistake, an effor,a ppoint, a proposal, suggestion, apologie, complain, changes, friends, the right coise) do( a course, bussines, activities, complain, exercices, your best, shopping the cooking, sport) get( a job, bussines, cualification, ingormation, monwe back)

quantifiers. Punt in de order from the most to the least 1 all of our 2most of our 3 much of 4a lot of 5some of 6a little of 7little of 8none of// complet the sentence: there arent many people..Most 2 some of the timber..A few 3 we dont manufacture many..Much 4fibre optc.. All some 5a present. Little a lot 6in uk most.. Few

// in 1970 a)all b)none cmost d)few e)many f)lot of g)much h)little i)someone j) some k)litle l)no m)most n)some 

scale of likelihood= put in order the goods pobably wont be deliverate until next week..../ rewrite the following sentence.. Im absoluty(certain) unlikely(inplobale) glass fibre optics will(are) very probably(likely) whasing machines... Are certain (bound to)  mat.. Cant possibly( certainly wont) we may(might) they definiely(certainly) it is very probablelikely ) researc being carried .. May help(might)

phrasal with up/ beat up(e: attack and) blow(k:destroy) break(o:stop) bing(h:raise) brush(l:practise) cheer (d become) clear( stop raining) do(decorate) dress( put on) give(stop doing) grow( behave) hold(delay) look(find) make(become friends) put up(give someone) turn(arrive)//// yes no 1most peoplN 2every morY 3the teamY 4afeter you N 5do you think Y 6 schools in Y 7dont stayY mu roomN

phrasal with look: 1look out! The bus.. 2 the police lookin into 3she look around the room 4im lookin for my 5ill hace to look throught 6i you cant remember look it up 7 he look exactly like his.. 8 alan wasnt looking at 9 she was very..looked down on 10 im realy looking forward to 11 the crowd looked on 10 margarita never.. Life lookin after./// 1 he has alwas.. Looked up to 2 anthina resembrles.. Looks like 3can you look after my .. Take care of..4 ill have to look for 5 martin looked down on

word-bulding: strong strendthen strengh/ long: lengths legthen depp: deeth deeper short: shortly shortness wide: widely width high: height highly wak:...Weakended thick:thickly thickened flat: flattened flatness/////////////////////////////////////

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