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He Explained the he had found a flat that day.

He Said to me had been waiting since the previous month.

She told me that she had taken it home with me the previous day.

She Commented that Ann would be in París the following week.

He insisted That the would be using my car himself that night.

She Pointed out to me that they had been going home, when she had seen the the Previous day.

She Admitted that she would be 21 the following day.

He Explained to me that he had seen her the previous day

when she had been going home and she hadn´t greeted Him.

He Assured me that they had seen him the previous week and they hadn´t did him the True.


He Ordered me to bring him the book that day.

She Warned me not to go with that boy, he was a bad person.

She Commanded me no to take my coat off. We were going out again in a moment.


Milk Is produced by cows.

Sie Is loved by Jack.

The  farm whopper was served by Mc Donalds last Week.

Bella Has been played by kristen Stewart for fours years.

Three Cats were rescue by Julie.

The  DVD recorder hasn´t been repaired by the Mechanic.

The window isn´t going to be open by the teacher.

The Exercise should be finished by you now.

Some Advice will be given to you by Rachel.

A Letter was sent to him by me.

They Way was shown to us by the pólice officer.

A Lift was given one by our neighbour.

A Favour have been asked to him by us.

A Lie was told to me by her.

A Postcard have been written to her by their.

A Cup of tea will be made to you by Kerrie.

A Seat wasn´t ofered by them.

Mary Is being followed by someone.

The Butter is kept by us.

The Window was broken by their.

Wolves Have been seen by people in the street.

The Bridge is being repaired by their.

The Injuring player was being carried off the field by then.

The Door must be shut by you.

The Window ought to be opened by you.

He Should have been told by them.

My house is being wathed by they.

The Passage will been read by the examiner three times.

Dictionaries Mustn´t been used by candidates.

This Letter don´t need be type by you.

His House was searched by them and was found a number of stolen articles.

This Room hasn´t be used for ages.

Those Book should have been taken back to the library.

The Books had to be given back; we weren´t allowed to take them home.

If I were you, the house would be repaired.

If She had gone to London, her mother would have be visited by her.

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