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/In Markets,people...T-Markerts are very popular ... Goods

/Most markets...F-Most Markerts are held only on market day...On Saturdays.

/In most markets...F-Prices Are ... Cash.

/Sunday markets...F-Sunday Markets... Out of town                     

(C) /to dominate...A)take Over

better and....B)ups and Downs 

person With...C)self-starter

manage with...D) Make do (with) 

to have time e)Fit in

2a)toughness, b) a big of Swot c)Take away d)fitted e)sensisity 


a)Is thought to be a Genius.

b) I wish that you had Writen to him before.

c)They had their new Air-conditioning installed the week before.

d) She asked her friend how long she has been working abroad.

e) To stay at home than go To the movies.

f) She might have missed The train.

g) Will be published the following Month.

h) The exam was so dificult That most students failed.

i) I regret seeing you are A liar.

j) How long have the new Manager stay in england?

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