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Marketing: A development strategy of the company, focused on meeting the needs and desire of consumers and provide benefit to the company.

Of Marketing Plan:

Q is a docserver dscribe the objetivs, ls action programs, resources and timing ncesarios q lleba out.

Analysis of the business environment dl: q Relamento affected the product / q tecnlogia may use and cost / supplier / consumer characteristics d the company / All this is market research.

D definition of marketing strategies: The most suitable price, / promotion strategies more convenient, advertising .. / Distribution.

Market research: ivnestigacion process aimed to obtain information specific to the consumer.

DISTRIBUTION: Distribution of tasks: Set of activities that allows a sophisticated consumer who consumes. / Order picking / Transport to the point of sale.

Distribution Channels: Manufacturer (Make output) / Wholesale / Minarica / Consumer.

Customer service: Three locations: Before the sale / For sale / after sale.

Principles of Customer relations:

- The seller has to adapt to the customer.

- The non-verbal language is important.

- Personalized treatment is important.

- The sale should not be at any price.

- Avoid negative, proposed to replace them.

- Ethics is important.

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