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The song of Wandering aengus: Yeats / k.W: hazel, berry, trout, laid, glimmering, blossom, Dappled, pluck. / fishing trout.

He bids his beloved be at peace: Yeats / Shadowy Horses, glimmering white, North, East, West, South, tumultuous / Man loosing his beloved.

A woman Homer sung: Yeats / dear, shock, eye, whereon, pitch, fiery, sweetly. / Poetry. Maud Gonne(his beloved) to Helen of Troy.

No second troy: Yeats / blame, courage, bow, solitary./ refering to Helen but written to Maud Gonne, his beloved.

Queens: Synge / dog-days, sheepskin, Lyon, Monna Lisa, rotten, garden / list of dead Queens.

The curse: Synge / Lord, blister, cramp, Mountjoy. / The Playboy of Western World.

Big Steamers: Kipling / fetch, Melbourne, Vancouver, wrecked up, breakfast, Breezes, pilchards, warships / praise machines and colonization

The secret Of the machines: Kipling / hammered, thousandth, haul, hurled, Western Ocean, Monstrous, wilderness, dynamite / praise inter. Bus.

If: Kipling / indoctrinate poem.

The north Country: D. H. Lawrence / smoke-waves, purple, soundlessly, drugged, mechanic, Inaudible, sleep-bound. / England at that time.

In a Spanish Tram-car: D. H. Lawrence / fanned, Madonna, swiftly, Spaniard. / rejection to Sex.

The church: D. H. Lawrence / Rome, rose-colour, Resurrection, Risen Man / critic against The church.

The man he Killed: Thomas Hardy / inn, nipperkin, infantry, shot, foe, traps, fellow / Opposite sides in a war.

Are you Digging on my grave?: Thomas Hardy / grave, wed, mound, shuts, dog’s fidelity, Movements, bury / dog

Exposure: Wilfred Owen / wearied, salient, tugging, poignant, bullets, snow-dazed, Glimpsing, innocent, God, otherwise, tonight / personal experience of a soldier.

It’s a Queer time: Robert Graves / alive, Treasure Island, Red West, madly, tunnels, Hullo, hanky, Boches, Christians, alleluiah / soldier dying and remembers his Infantry.

The soldier: Rupert Brooke / England, blest, shed, gentleness / if he dies only he’s English.

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