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A)1date/2appeals to/3first move/4strike up/5courage/6under pressure/7approach/8a means of/

9doubt/10go wrong B)1When she heard the news she was delighted/ 2 It's not warm enough to

swin outside/ 3My sister is too short to be a fashion model/ 4To learn a new language is difficult

5John didn't speak loudly enough so nobody heard himC)1b/2a/3b/4b/5bD)1decision 2happyness

3impossible 4organised 5possibilityA)1that 2which 3when 4who 5whose 6whereB)1He's a photogr

of the hotel so we stayed there for a week/2Mark has decided to travel austria because his sister

lives in Sydney/ 3 I invited Amy to the jazz concert and It was very enjoyable/ 4 The film is about a

confused man due to he lost his memoryD)1was given 2haven't 3must be handed in 4is being repaired

5teeth are checked/6will be sent/7is come down/8if he didn't hold/9live E) 1 Jane wishes she could

invite the whole class to the party/2I wish the earrings were cheaper so I could buy them/3We wish

you were here with usF)1wouldn't enjoyed-had been/2got up-would be/3won't get-book itG)1a/2b

3a/4b/5b H)1he was having a party tomorrow/ 2 to call this evening/ 3 if they were hungry/ 4 they

had met at a party/ 5 to go on a trip/6if he could borrow a book/ 7 not to take the scenic route

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