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II .- Plot Summary:

"Chronicle of a Death Foretold" is about the strange love affair that existed between Bayardo San Román, Angela Vicario and poor Santiago Nasar, head of Turkish Angela proposed to the disturbing question of his brothers, who had beaten her. The story takes place in a town called Manaure

1. Chapter

The first chapter serves to introduce to Santiago Nasar, protagonist of the story.

That day Santiago is built on five-thirty in the morning to await the passing ship that brought the bishop. He had slept little and badly due to the drunkenness of the previous day. He awoke with a headache after a while he put some pants and a white linen shirt, a little wrinkled because I had no starch, because the bishop or leave it normally puts on khaki and boots it comes to riding The Divine Face, the cattle ranch he inherited from his father and that he administered. James had a large collection of weapons.

He and his father slept with a gun hidden in the pillowcase. That day the downloaded before leaving home.

Normally at home, he was discharged so that no one had the temptation to shoot and what happened happened once in his house when he was small, one morning the maid shook her pillow for removing the case and dropped the gun to the ground and fired upon hitting the ground and the bullet went through the locker room, through the wall of the room, pass through a loud noise from the neighboring room and went to hit a life-size saint who was at the altar of the church at the other end of the plaza, which blight.

Am pleased to note that his son from a hammock and thought that his son had inherited from her instinct and her late father's mastery of firearms, the love of horses and the arsenal of birds of prey but also the value and prudence. Between father and son spoke in Arabic. And in the end had a bitter memory, the marriage was of convenience.

Santiago said goodbye to his mother and left the room and went into the kitchen where she was Victoria Guzmán, the cook, cooking lunch. Santiago sat on the table and Divina Flor, Victoria's daughter brought her a cup of coffee with a splash of alcohol on Mondays in order to get through the day, chew two aspirin and James stared at Divine and at that time Victoria turned and ordered him to stop. Victoria was seduced by Ibrahim Nasar in her teens where it came Divina Flor (and did not want that same thing happen to her daughter. Victoria have a grudge against Ibrahim.

The house was a two-story former warehouse with walls of wooden planks and a gabled roof. The house had been built when the river could still navigate. On the ground floor is a room that served for everything and the back of the room the pens for the animals, on the first floor there are two wide bedrooms and five bedrooms and built a balcony in the facade built two windows to let in light. At home there are two front doors of which always have closed except on festive occasions and on the back that is of most use.

Divine victory and knew perfectly well that they were going to kill Santiago, but they were silent because they wanted to kill him.

Once finished with your cup of coffee rose and walked to the front door, which opened the Divine and the bolt did not close with the hope that it could be shielded from their murderers

Someone who was never identified slipped under the door with an envelope in a paper in which he warned that he would be killed. The envelope did not see anyone.

At six Santiago left his house on his way to the port, while walking in the square saw every scrap of revelry and bottles that they drank at the wedding.

The only place open in the plaza was a creamery next to the church where were the twins Pedro and Pablo Vicario who had 24 years (and were difficult to distinguish). Clotilde Santiago if he saw when he left his home but was suppressed and did not wake the twins.

The twins were still wearing the wedding clothes and went to look a little shabby so many hours of partying, and still had not shaved. Had fallen asleep after three hours of waiting for them was the first sleep for three days. They awoke to the sound of the horn of the ship the ship and when they saw him jumped from the chair but at the time said it later Clotilde even respect for the bishop. Although it seemed a breath of the Holy Spirit but thought better of twins.

Margot told me that the ship did not stop but the bishop had the decency to salute the people who were in the harbor. Santiago was disappointed because he had contributed to various loads, such as firewood and roosters.
After the passage of the ship Santiago Margot invite to breakfast at his house and he gladly accepted. He said he changed his clothes and handed him but she insisted to accompany him and because breakfast was already served. So James went home to change. No one even asked if James was prevented, because everyone seemed impossible for it not to be. Margot was one of the few people who still did not know that they would kill him. Had I known he had seized and had not released. Margot's mother also knew it was very strange because it was one that knew everything. After a while Margot fully heard the news and a brutal manner: Angela Vicario, had been returned to her parents because her husband (Bayardo San Román) found that there was a virgin. But the point is that you are not met another boyfriend to Angela. Margot returned home quickly. The news stunned her mother who ran to the house of Santiago Nasar and the way he met a neighbor and told him not to bother because he has been killed.

2. Chapter

The second chapter begins with a description of Bayardo San Roman, a man who came to town on a ship with all their stuff. He walked for thirty years. Came to town with a short jacket and narrow trousers and matching gloves. All the people gossiped about him and tried to know more about him. A night at the movies he implied was an engineer of trains and even talk of building one to the interior. Did send messages by Morse code and a good swimmer.

One day he saw Angela and her mother around the square and from that moment trying to catch your attention, a night bought all the raffle numbers, in which she was singing the numbers and the gift took him home. I did not know how but had learned it was his birthday.

Angela had to discuss with parents who believed their daughter had hinted something Bayardo and his older brothers Peter and Paul took the gift and took the owner. The twins did not come home until the day after taking the gift again and Bayardo to continue the revelry ...

Angela was the youngest of a poor family, his father was Vicar Pontius poor goldsmith and his mother was a school teacher. The two older daughters married very late.

The family Vicario take seriously the commitment to marry but put a condition that proof of his identity Bayardo because nobody knew him. After a few days Bayardo's family came to full, aboard the National Congress of ceremonies. There were four, the father, mother and two sisters. The mother, Alberta Simonds was a big mulatto Curacao, the father was General Petronio San Román, a hero of civil wars. Luisa did not seem right to be married because the family had seduced his charms are not to Angela. Angela did not want to marry Bayardo because their parents along with her older sisters imposed that requirement. The next day I ask Angela Bayardo that house she liked and told the old Xius and at night went to talk to him but the old Xius not sold. Two years later the old man died but eventually discovered that the old man sold it.

Angela's family wanted to delay the wedding for the bishop marry but Angela did not want to be married by a man who just cut the tops of the chicken and the rest is thrown into the trash. The general and his family and the many famous people who came brought with them many gifts that it was necessary to restore a forgotten local power plant for display.

When boyfriend gave her a car with her name engraved. The bride was given a gold cutlery for twenty-four guests.

The family lived in a modest house with a balcony on the facade almost entirely occupied by containers and a large back yard with loose chickens and fruit trees and the background a pig farm where the twins doing their job. At the end of the house decorated, painted it, the twins took the pigs and asked permission to knock down the fences of the adjoining houses to dance.

The only unexpected jolt caused the groom on the morning of the wedding they came to fetch the bride two hours late and she refused to dress until I saw the groom in the house, as there was no more embarrassing setback for a woman to stay planted to the wedding dress. Santiago failed to dazzle the slightest change in his nature during the ceremony or the party.

The formal ceremony ended at six in the afternoon when they parted the guests of honor. The ship left the port. The newlyweds discovered in his car appeared barely opening way through the tumult. Bayardo was under the car, ordered to continue the party at its own expense and took the terrified wife in the house of your dreams, the old Xius. The partying was dispersed and several friends and Cristo Bedoya, Luis Enrique and Santiago Nasar went to the home of Alexandrina Maria Cervantes, there was many others, including the Vicario twins five hours before killing him.

Angela Vicario had sent to ask for a suitcase of personal items and her mother also wanted Pura send a suitcase in everyday clothes so he called the messenger.

Then the messenger said he had found Bayardo standing with the unbuttoned silk shirt and pants held up with elastic straps, Angela was in the shade so that only saw her when Bayardo grabbed her arm and put it in the light . Her satin gown in tatters. The twins came home a little before three in the morning, urgent calls for his mother. Angela Vicario was found lying face down on a sofa, dining and macerated face shots. One of the most savvy twins, Pedro Vicario picked her up and sat on the dining table and asked, trembling with rage, who had been, she was delayed just long enough to say the name and the name was Santiago Nasar. She only remembered that the holding in one hand and beat me with the other so furiously that I thought he was going to kill.
After reading the second chapter of history and is taking some shape because after reading the first chapter you think you have killed because he was married to Angela but did not want. At the end of the second chapter and you know why he had been killed.

3. Chapter

At the beginning of the third chapter we find a brief explanation of the lawyer and the twins.

The twins entered the house of Father Amador and put the knives on the table. Both exhausted by work barbaric death and their clothes were soaked and his arms and face smeared with sweat and blood still alive. They were to forgive them but the father told them not only before God to men. The twins had to be in jail for three years awaiting trial because they had no money to pay bail for parole.

Start looking for the house of Mary Alexandrina but there was not. Then I went to look at the house where Clotilde knew would happen because it was the only place open. They sat down to wait.
After his sister will reveal the name passed through the pen and picked the best two knives, a butcher and a clean. All wrapped in a cloth and set off the meat market for sharpening. Arrived about 3:20, Faustino Santos saw them enter a butcher. While sharpening their knives, Paul said we are going to kill Santiago. Faustino was left in doubt that if they were drunk or normal so I reported this to a police officer a little later step in there to buy a pound of liver for breakfast the mayor.

The Vicario brothers came at 4:10 in the shop asked Clotilde, where two bottles of brandy, drank it quickly first but the second slowly waiting for Santiago. Twins Clotilde asked if he had seen light in the window of the balcony which was that of James and Clotilde replied no and because I asked. The twins responded that to kill him. He was perplexed by the response and went to tell her husband who was sleeping and said that was nonsense and acting drunk.
The colonel calmly got dressed and ate breakfast while liver stew covered with onion rings, his wife told him excitedly that he had returned to Bayard Angela Vicario and mocked by saying that if the bishop would know. On the way into town, he met several people who told the intentions of the Vicario twins. He found Clotilde's shop, nor interrogated, they remove the knives and told them to go home to sleep. Clotilde took a big disappointment because he believed the arrest to establish the truth. The Vicario brothers had told them his intentions more than a dozen people.

According to the subsequent declaration of Peter, was the one who took the decision to kill Santiago.
Just as the twins out of the pen with the new knives Hortensia Baute her neighbor opened the door and began to mourn believing that he had killed him. Whenever they went to market passed through the mother's house for coffee Cotes Prudence but this morning they left for later, but the mother of wisdom that brought about newspapers Shagged sack leaves the fire and gave the twins to concealed a little knives

Clotilde had finished selling the milk when the Vicario brothers returned with two knives wrapped in newspaper with rusty leaves. Faustino then declared that the knives were being sharpened again and screaming said they would be killed.

The twins went there a long time but did not see the light lit the room in Santiago.
Before going to sleep Santiago, Jaime and the others went to the house of the widower Xius to sing to the newlyweds. As you saw the car in front could not imagine married life there just two hours earlier. Angela Bayardo had taken home to their parents walk to the car noise does not betray too soon.

After climbing to the old house and said goodbye Xius with Cristo Bedoya went home. When you reach Victoria, the cook told that coffee would be but Santiago said he was going to sleep and at 5:30 in the morning I wake up and bring him a change as the clothes. Went to his room without turning on any light and that the focus remained always on the stairs all night.

He jumped on the bed with her clothes, because an hour later had to get up to see the bishop.

Amador's father was heading to port, was intended to warn Placida but he forgot because I had to prepare for the event to receive the bishop and when they killed James felt guilty and miserable because her mother did not notice before.

4. Chapter

This chapter begins with an account of the autopsy that he had to do to Santiago.

Colonel Aponte had had an urgent telegraphic conversation with the governor of the province and this was authorized to begin the investigation as a judge sent him. The mayor thought that the body could be kept refrigerated but not found a human-sized refrigerator and when he found it did not work. The body was exposed to public contemplation in a room with many fans. But by mid-afternoon the wounds began to flow a syrup-colored waters that attracted the flies. Colonel Aponte knew then that it was not possible to wait and ordered the father to do the autopsy. Father Carmen Amador had to do an autopsy and that Dr. Dionisio Iguarán. The autopsy took place at the local public school with the help of the chemist who took notes and a medical student first year I was there on vacation.

He died for the guilt of seven mortal wounds. The liver was almost cut by two deep boreholes. I had four incisions in the stomach and one of them so deep that it went through and completely destroyed her pancreas. He had six other children and multiple wounds punctures in the small intestine. One I had in the back had penetrated the right kidney. The abdominal cavity was full of blood.

He also had six minor injuries in the arms and hands and two horizontal cuts, one in the right thigh and other muscles in the abdomen. Also in the report that he had an enlarged liver hepatitis attributed to a poorly cured, ie his remaining few years. The report concluded by saying that the cause of death was massive bleeding caused by any of the seven major injuries. The body was returned completely shredded. I had to put in a coffin and bury him at dawn because he was in very bad condition.

The Vicario brothers were locked in the dungeon where they provide soap and a scouring pad to remove the blood and odor. They brought him lunch but not a bite but Pedro Pablo on the other hand ate a little of everything that took him and a quarter of an hour later erupted in foul-smelling diarrhea. Peter was so convinced that they had poisoned his brother who called the mayor. The mayor took Pura Vicario at three in the morning for the dismissal of their children. It was the whole family, even the older daughters with their husbands. Pure Before leaving he asked the Father to confess but Pedro Vicario refused and convinced his brother that had nothing to repent. The twins were acquitted and remained in Riohacha just a day trip from Manaure where his family lived. Riohacha was in jail. There was Prudence Cotes to marry Paul learned the trade of gold in the workshop of his father and became a goldsmith debugged. Pedro Vicario without love or employment, reinstatement three years after the Armed Forces, won the First Sergeant insignia, and one fine morning his patrol went into guerrilla territory and was never heard from again.
For most people there was only one victim Bayardo San Román. They assumed that the other players in the tragedy had met up with some dignity and greatness. For years, he recalled as "The poor Bayardo.

The Mayor and forgetting when it was agreed Bayardo came up with a patrol and found him unconscious in bed.
He was a senior level of alcohol poisoning as reported by the doctor. But a few hours after recovery reason and echo everyone home. The mayor reported the episode to Pretonio general.

The general sent his wife with two daughters and elderly women seemed to be his sisters. The colonel declined to Bayardo aid to the village and were on the ship.

23 years later he received a letter from their parents (Bayardo) who did not know where he was and had no idea that people would do in a stray with no other apparent purpose than to marry a woman who had never seen .

Angela Vicario was learned that he had bought a cement house with a big backyard. After 23 years had matured and had become clever.

Gabriel García Márquez try to talk to Angela's mother but refused in full and did not want to talk about the past and had to settle for writing this story. The most common version, perhaps as the most vicious was that Angela was protecting someone who truly loved. She told him everything but what happened to Santiago.

One day, Angela had to accompany his mother to an eye exam in the hospital passing Riohacha and entered the port at the hotel and ordered a glass of pure water. While Angela took it made a sweeping view of the room and found him there, saw him pass by without seeing her and saw him leave the hotel, his heart shattered when I get home and throws herself on the bed mourn for three days. Went crazy, crazy about, he still wanted. The next day he wrote a letter but I hope in vain.

Tired of waiting he wrote another letter. After six months he had written six letters without answers but is consistent with the finding that the the was receiving. Then Angela discovered that hatred and love are things reciprocal. He wrote a weekly letter for half his life. The postal clerk was always going to his house to embroider on Friday afternoon and happened to pick up the cards. A half day of August while embroidering, Angela felt someone came to the door and not have to look because I knew who he was. He was fat and was beginning to fall to the hair but it was he, Bayardo San Roman had returned. He said: Well I'm here. He carried the suitcase full of clothes to stay and another like almost two thousand letters she had written. They were ordered by their dates, in packages with colored ribbons sewn and all unopened.

5. Chapter

In the fifth chapter is revealed in detail the research and the achievement of the murder.

Most of those who could do something to prevent crime and yet they did, they consoled themselves with the pretext that affairs of honor are sacred. Flora, Santiago's girlfriend, ran away with a lieutenant of the prostitute boundaries between the rubber of Vichada. The judge appeared twelve days after the crime. He had to call in reinforcements by the crowd that rushed to testify without being called. 20 years later was sought but not found the name of the judge in the case. The good thing about this story is not found no evidence that Santiago had been the aggressor. The friends of Angela Vicario stated they had been complicit in the secret before the wedding but they had not revealed any names. The trial only last for three days. Everyone did not like Santiago, Polo Carrillo, the owner of the power plant, he thought his serenity was not innocence but cynicism.

The people scattered into the square in the center were two people, Santiago and Cristo Bedoya but nobody notices. Yamil Shaium an Arab friend of the father of James was going to notice but I thought that if the rumor was unfounded was going to cause unnecessary alarm.

Christ after listening to half Yamil Santiago went to look for but not found. She went to him, pass through his house and his bedroom and he was not there and take the opportunity to pick up a gun Santiago's room but realized that after the murder he was discharged.He continued his search but the twins, he was called from the store for milk and the twins told him to tell James who were waiting to kill him. Behind Clotilde twins appeared and told him to hurry because queers in this town of just a man like you could prevent the tragedy. People returning from the port and took their positions in the square. At the door of Social club met Colonel Aponte and told him they wanted to kill the twins and had new knives. Then the colonel pledged to address the issue but the club took a moment to confirm a domino game that night and while he was in the murder occurred. Cristo Bedoya thought he was at home eating breakfast with his sister and went home. Halfway hear cries that seemed remote and popping rockets in the direction of the square. I try to run but when I asked his mother and said, say they have killed but Santiago had gotten into his girlfriend's house where his father told him the truth, which sought to kill him so he went people had been placed in the square as in the days of the parade. All the people I was screaming. So I entered the house of his girlfriend again looking shotgun but could not find. He went back to the plaza and made to run towards his house but his mother locked the front door thinking that her son was inside.

Santiago came to hit several times with his fists the door but the twins had already arrived, turned and found them there and began to stab him and not stop until they hit the ground.

After searching through the bedrooms shouting hearing without knowing where were the cries that were not theirs, Placida is look out the window of the square and saw the twins who ran toward the church and behind Yamil with a shotgun . Believing that the danger had passed out on the balcony of the bedroom and saw James at the door upside down, trying to raise their own blood. He sat to the side and start walking in a state of hallucination, holding hands dangling viscera. Way more than one hundred meters to get around the house and enter through the kitchen door. He crossed the garden of encountering neighbors Wenefrida Marquez and she asked what was wrong and he replied that he had been killed. He tripped on the last step but he got up immediately and took care to shake his hand the land that remained in the gut, said Wenefrida later.

Then he went into his house through the back door, which was open from six and collapsed face down in the kitchen.

III .- Characterization of Characters:

1. Characters:

  • Santiago Nasar: man of 21 who dropped out of high school when his father dies and has to act as a parent and directing the Holy Face, a farm that his father bequeathed him. He is a dreamer, happy, peaceful easy heart, a person you could talk, beautiful, formal and believer. He had a magical talent for disguises.

  • Bayardo San Roman: train engineer whose age is around thirty years. Well dressed, gallant with women, person with whom one can speak, worship. Did send messages by Morse code and was a good swimmer. For what seemed like money and he liked the loud parties and long, good drink and games of enemy hands. He is honest and good heart.

  • Angela Vicario: is the youngest in your family, non-believer, very modest compared to men, knew what he was doing in each case. Matured after the incident and becomes clever. Although no one could make nothing of what happened that night or what happened to Santiago, the most common version was that Angela was protecting someone who truly loved. Very hesitant to make decisions for herself and her parents imposed on her boyfriend. He looked helpless

2. Characters:

  • Placida Liner - Madre de Santiago.
  • Angela Vicario - Woman of Bayardo San Román - Premium of the narrator.
  • Nasar Ibrahim - Father of Santiago.
  • Victoria Guzman - Cook Placida family.
  • Divina Flor - daughter of Victoria and Ibrahim Nasar.
  • Bishop.
  • Investigating Judge.
  • Clotilde Armenta - Shop Owner milk.
  • The twins Pedro and Pablo Vicario - Brothers of Angela Vicario.
  • Margot - Sister Cristo Bedoya
  • James - brother of Margot and Cristo Bedoya
  • Luisa Santiago - Mother of James, Margot and Christ and was godmother of baptism Santiago
  • Father Carmen Amador - Cura.
  • Cristo Bedoya - Friend of Santiago Nasar.
  • Don Lázaro Aponte - Colonel of the academy and the town mayor
  • Michael Flora - Bride of Santiago Nasar.
  • Bayardo San Román - A man who arrived on a ship.
  • Magdalena Oliva - Neighbor of the people.
  • Pontius Vicar - Father of Angela Vicario.
  • Purisima del Carmen - Pontius Mother and grandmother of Angela Vicario Vicario.
  • Mercedes - Neighbor of the people.
  • Pura Vicario - Angela's Mother and wife of Pontius Vicario Vicario
  • Alexandrina Maria Cervantes - Neighbor of the people.
  • Mercedes Barcha - Neighbor of the people.
  • Luis Enrique - brother of the narrator.
  • Doctor Dionisio Iguarán - Doctor.
  • General Petronio San Román - Father of Bayardo San Román
  • Alberta Simonds - Mother of Bayardo San Román.
  • Faustino Santos - Butcher.
  • Leonardo Pornoy - Police Officer.
  • Rogelio de la flor - Husband of Clotilde Armenta.
  • Hortensia Baute - Neighbor of the people.
  • Prudence Cotes - Novia de Pablo Vicario.
  • Suseme Abdala - Matriarch of the Arab community settled in the village.
  • The nun - Sister of Margot.
  • Gabriel García Márquez - Primo of Angel and Angela Vicario.
  • Meme Loiza.
  • Aura Villero - Midwife of the people.
  • Polo Carrillo - Owner of the power plant.
  • Fausta Lopez - Women's Polo Carrillo.
  • Indalecio Pardo - Neighbor.
  • Scholastic Cisnero.
  • Sara Noriega - Owner of the shoe store.
  • Celeste Dangond - Neighbor.
  • Yamil Shaium - Arabic.
  • Prosperous Arango.
  • Nahir Miguel - Father of Flora Miguel, girlfriend of Santiago Nasar.
  • Mercedes - Neighbor of the people (Manaure)
  • Poncho Lanao - Neighbor of Santiago Nasar, lives in the house next door.
  • Argema Lanao - Women's Poncho Lanao.
  • Wenefrida Marquez - Gabriel García Márquez's aunt, lives next to Santiago Nasar.

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