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Romantic poetry
characteristics: In subjects, love figures prominently, is a passionate love usually imposile achieve the lexicon is populated by palaras that reflect the spirit of the times: the dissatisfaction, pessimism. Metric used in all types of stanzas and verses.
Trends of Romantic poetry
Lyric poetry or sentimental · major growers of lyric poetry were Espronceda, the Duke of Riva G. Adolfo Becquer and Rosalia de Castro
· Poetry or historical narrative: a) historical poem, medieval themes b) cultivate philosophical poem Simola x Espronceda THE narrative poem) x romance restored the Duke of Rivas b) the legend that focuses on folkloric traditions was the main grower jose skunk
· Social poetry are poems that exalt figures or antisocial behavior
· Poetry written by women female main representatives are rosalia de castro and Carolina Coronado.


songs: are 6 tips compositions to human referids symbols d marginal ideological and moral values

  • the pirate and the Pauper
  • the prisoner of death and verugo
  • Cossack song
  • Pirate song which emphasizes the independence of man and values freedom ke + life

The student salamanca

theme: the traditional literary motifs trickster, the man who witnesses his own funeral and dance of death. The treatment reflects a new romantic conception through the themes of love and death. The protagonist is characterized by its rebellion against God.

The devil world

style: use of a variety of meters and stanzas. In his verses are common punctuation marks rhetorical, rhythmic resources and the antithesis


life is the most important romantic poet. Belonged to the late Romantic period and created a new kind of intimate poetry that influenced later poets notablente in the likes of Machado, Juan Ramos Jiménez

These rhymes are short poems of 79

  • in the first group of poems (rhymes 1-11) includes rhymes ua series whose theme is the very poetry and poetic creation
  • the second group (rhymes 12-29) hopeful about love love is lived in fullness and mada is portrayed as being an attractive beauty and high spiritual virtues
  • the third group (rhymes 30-51) focuses on the failure of love
  • rhymes (52-79) show the loneliness, anguish and death.

style and Metica

  • spoken forms
  • bimembraciones and parallels. the pace is often evident in the presence of bimembraciones established with various types of palaras.

with respect to the metric in the poetry of assonance and dominated becquer mixture and heptasyllables hendecasyllable. Silva romance predominates.

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