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  • "I do not want to live ..."
  • For the poet is all your women's essential. The rest are added that the only thing they do is to dress women. The essence of the couple is summarized in a you and me, individualized by love. This poem is a couplet in seven-syllable lines rhyming assonance, with the exception of verse 14 (trisyllabic) and 27 (tretrasílabo: 3 +1) . In verse 2 the poet despises luxury or exotic places (islands, palaces, towers) in favor of pronouns. In verses 5-6 reflects everything the woman added that blurs its essence (the costumes, signs, pictures).. In verse 10 puts the woman without additives (pure, free, irreducible). In verses 19 and 20 named anything to reach the essence (the name, signs, history) and in verse 24 and 25 is the anonymity of all in its essence (of naked stone, the world)
  • Jorge Guillén.
  • Song Poems "The twelve of the clock" and "Equestrian Statue"
  • The first poem is a dirge romance (assonance seven-syllable lines rhyming in pairs). The title poem requires exact noon and this was repeated in the last verse. Everything revolves around that time, in which nature is at its fullest. The second is a tenth (quatrain, couplet and quatrain). Here the silence is represented by words such as: remains tight, motionless, calm and bronze and movement through words such as: jogging, start, remote, charger, vigor and strength.

  • "The Three Sisters"
  • The romance is about three sisters who are in a lookout when passing the poet by his side. Choose the third, the small, which leads the poet to tell a secret to a long look. The poet is rapt in contemplation of the youngest sister.
  • "Table"
  • Avant-garde poem. In this the poet is looking at a painting, a still life in which they appear several elements: the tablecloth, a liqueur, a few blocks and a guitar. These elements are described scattered with free verse. In this poem is risky pictures (closed Tues), synesthesia (the sun I put damper), an association between distant terms (my poetry, and apple), lack of punctuation, etc ...
  • Vicente alexaindre
  • "Shadow of Paradise"
  • Contains images risky in the lines between reality and dream: kissing winged plumage on its blue plumage ... All these images are to evoke kisses, as the whole poem revolves around the kiss that one day he felt his love, kisses that were real. The poet describes different images these kisses, teeth and the effects that resulted in her kisses.

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